Cristiano Bacchieri: your Italian Translator

Hi! I’m a professional Italian translator specializing in Multimedia, Subtitles, and Digital Marketing, from English and French to Italian. I also work as Script Supervisor.


> Translation of texts from English and French into Italian.

> Revision & editing of translated documents, checking the Italian text against the English original.

Areas of expertise:

  • Multimedia (video localization, YouTube translation, E-learning localization, Content localization, Script translation)
  • Subtitles (Transcription, Translation, Subtitles and Captions)
  • Digital Marketing (Content translation, Website localization)

Education and Qualifications

>Bachelor Degree in Translation and Liaison Interpreting (English and French)

SSML Carlo Bo University

>Bachelor Honours Degree in Business Economics

Parma University – Faculty of Economics

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